Cultural - Maya Ceremonial Events

Guatemala has over 23 different Maya Ethnic groups. They have been keeping the count of the Maya Sacred Calendar since before Christ. Their rituals during the Spanish conquest had to be hidden but were never completely lost. They can now worship in the open and wish to share their knowledge of the Way with every culture willing to learn.

The mixing of the two cultures for over 500 years has created an unique christianity which combines their native and catholic rituals. One can witness this combination in many villages. The church of Chichicastenango is one of the most vibrant. The month of December one can witness dances of Maya origin.

Easter Week is known for it's beautiful and colorful rugs where the Passion of Christ is re-enacted through pious processions of immense floats depicting the various stages of the Passion. Many Maya are also Catholic, however, their processions involve Jesus, the virgin Mary and their own saint, Maximon. Please reserve with at least 8 months anticipation as a minimum for Easter in Guatemala. This is a time when hotels book well in advance often 1 year in advance.


Ritual Maya Ceremony at Las Ilusiones - Maya Expeditions

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