Here's what our clients have had to say about Maya Expeditions!

YAXHA - TOPOXTE: Eco-Lodge El Sombrero. You were absolutely right, it is a magic place. Gabriela is a wonderful woman. She went out of her way to show us around Topoxté and Yaxha. We were astonished to see the size of Yaxha and stood in awe when watching the sunset from the top of Temple 216. Gerhard Vehlhaber

"Your logistical arrangements, crew, equipment, and overall leadership were superb. You run a really first-class operation. Others need to know how good you guys are. "
"Our travels with yoU underlined your excellent handling, in comfortable style, of rafting trips down the Usumacinta. Your river guides were among the most accomplished and skillful of any we've seen. There is no other tour group that inspires as much confidence, and we look forward to a pleasant and a productive collaboration at Piedras Negras."

Stephen Houston Ph.D. Co-Director, Piedras Negras Archaeological Project/Professor of Anthropology, BYU.

"Many, many thanks to both of you for making our tip such a great success." Feb, 1996, Dr. Molly Mignon, archaeologist with Mayan Adventures, Seattle, WA

"I want to tell you what a fine trip we had on the "USU" with your company "Maya Expeditions". It was everything that I expected, and more... what else can I say - the trip of a lifetime, especially for one with a long running interest in the Mayan culture." Vernon Harris, Atlanta, GA Art dealer

"What a terrific job you carried out on our Usumacinta river expedition. "I'll follow you anywhere" March, 1989, James O'Kon, Atlanta, GA. Engineer featured in National Geographic magazine 1995 for theory of bridge over the Usumacinta river at archaeological site of Yaxchilán.

"Thank you for arranging such an exciting trip for us on the Usumacinta... I have been reading some more books concerning the Mayan civilization and the Mayan code. Having been at some of the sites brings to life for me the Mayans." Alan C. Ashton. member of FARM

"Thank you for navigating our exciting trip through Central America. Unforgettable. November, Steven D. Hennessy, D.D.S. Riverside Illinois

The rafting trip was awesome by the way. Great crew you have working for you and your driver is the best!! Cynthia

"Thank you, I don't think I've enjoyed any trips I've done as much as the ones we did on the Cahabon. The combination of scenery, jungle, rapids and side hikes/caving - and general atmosphere of the trips you run really is unique and wonderful. I haven't done any trips that I have enjoyed as much." Don Johnston river guide currently working in Africa.

"Thanks for showing me a great time in Guatemala! I enjoyed getting to know you and spending time with you, and I hope to see you again soon." Louise, Belle Mead,N. J. Mariah Expeditions

"Gracias. Man, did I have a good time... You guys float a great raft trip, do a professional job... Thanks for putting together such a classy operation. And what a country! I wish you good success." Bruce Franks, assistant editor Backpacker Magazine

"Just a short note to again express my sincere thanks for your excellent service on our raft trip a few months ago. Good luck with your future endeavors.. I'll ride in your raft anytime!" Craig O. Henderson - editor Great expeditions Magazine BC Canada.

Naranjo River
"My raft trip [on the rio Naranjo] was a blast and I thought Ariel was a wonderful guide. I am planning another trip in March or April and hope to be able to raft the Cahabon then. Once again thanks for a great experience and a great guide. Carmen Kamas Wieting, D.D.S. Houston, Texas
río Naranjo: se nota que son personas totalmente calificadas y preparados para cualquier contingencia que se pudera dar a lo largo de cualquier expedición. P.D. esta opinion no es personal, ya que fue consultada con casi todos los miembros de dicha expedición y todos los consultados estuvimos de acuerdo." Gustavo Anzueto, Guatemala

"I would recommend Mayan Expeditions strongly. The staff were friendly, humorous and always extremely helpful. For the Cerro Tecpan experience, go Maya Expeditions!" Paul Carter a British Traveller

"Our stay at Tikal was incredible, despite the heat, the long uphill climb to the central Plaza, and the sleep interrupting roars of the howler monkeys. Those monkeys sounded like they must be as big as dinosaurs!! I can say without hesitation that we were very pleased with your services, and would with confidence recommend to others interested in travel to this region that they take advantage of your knowledge and connections." Robert Petit-Clerc

"We had a nice climbing by Maya Expeditions. Thank you very much for our climbing of Volcano Tacana and Volcano Tajumulco to your staff given for us by the nice hospitality." Nobuo Kuwahara, businessman Osaka, Japan.


COPAN: The trip was really worthwhile and we greatly enjoyed both the flight to the Honduras border and the drive to Ruinas Copán. Good guide. Excellent museum onsite. Gerhard Vehlhaber

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