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Maya Expeditions has experience in Adventure Travel in Guatemala since 1987.
Conde Nast Traveler, Dec. 1994, nominated maya EXPEDITIONS as one of the 20 top Eco-outfitters in the World.

TAXES and TIPS: The local hotel taxes (22%) and the tip for waiters (10%), is included. The local tax of departure to Flores ($3.00), p/p is also included in our prices.

How is the food? In the river, the lunch is made on a beach and consist of a "Cold cuts" buffet (hams, cheeses, salads, fruits, etc.) where everyone can serve to their liking: or a box lunch already prepared with whole-wheat sandwiches, fruit, cookies etc. The dinners and breakfasts in camp are varied complete menus cooked on the spot (including dishes like lasagna, barbecue, cakes and desserts).When we are not camping we use local restaurants.

How do we sleep? On many of our expeditions we camp one or more nights. In this case we provide the tents (for two people) and a sleeping pad. When we can, we use local hotels or eco-tourism camps/lodges. We always look for the most comfortable and clean even though in some cases they are very simple. The rooms are shared between 2, 3, or 4 people unless you wish to add on a single supplement.

How is the bathroom and toilet? Where we use hotels, we utilize their services of a complete bathroom (in some there is no hot water): in camp we bath outside in the river or makeshift showers. In the majority of the places where we camp, there are out-houses and we carry a portable toilet with us.

Budget hotels will often have electric showers. The way to have the showers have hot water is to regulate the pressure. The more pressure the colder the shower. Many budget hotels toilets will clog up with toilet paper, thus they will ask you to throw the paper in a trash bin, which they clean everyday.

Medium to High-end hotels will have showers which have hot water on demand. The toilets of these hotels have usually been made accessible for toilet paper to be thrown into the toilet bowl.

What type of land transport do we use? In where the type of road permits, we utilize tourism vans. In dirt roads we use four wheel drive vehicles or local buses of the school-type buses type depending on the circumstances. In some instances we transfer to open air trucks for short transfers where buses can't continue.

How long does one raft during the day? One day of rafting is approximately 6-8 hours.

What should you take? In each itinerary of an expedition we include a list of suggested personal gear. In all cases, one needs to have clothes to get wet during the day, and dry clothes to change into, protection against the sun, rain and insects (hat, sun block, repellent etc.)

Our Guides: We have a body of guides who specialize in rafting and eco-tourism: all have knowledge in rescue and first aide. They have been trained under International whitewater standards. Various of our Guatemalan guides, have obtained experience on rivers in Alaska, the continental USA, Chile, Peru, Honduras and Costa Rica. We also have a base of foreign guides who work seasonally.

The Equipment we use? We have a fleet of 10 boats that are made especially for whitewater rafting. Some of them are conventional boats and the newer ones are self-bailing. We are constantly renewing and incrementing our equipment. We have life jackets that are especially made for this sport, along with helmets, paddles, and safety and rescue equipment

Insurance: We strongly recommend you protect yourself and your baggage with a short term traveler's insurance policy. Please see our [insurance page] for more details.

Baggage is carried entirely at owner's risk; Maya Expeditions assumes no liability whatsoever for damage, loss or delay of property beyond our control.

Trip cancellation insurance will cover your losses on non refundable air and land costs on trips canceled due to illness or other emergency. "Travel insurance coverage is the traveler's responsibility. If you have sufficient medical, baggage protection and trip interruption/delay coverage under an existing policy, and are satisfied with the benefits provided, no additional policy is required.



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