Cultural - Traditional Medicine

The Maya believe the spiritual is very much a part of the physical health. The Shaman or Aki jab is consulted to intervene for the sick and the troubled. There are more auspicious days to ask for help with your work, your loved ones, your health or your Karma.

Fire, colors, aromas are all part of the Aki jab's methods. They open portals to allow the energies of the Universe in to heal or to give abundance. Many still use chickens as a form a blood sacrifice however, many no longer use this method.

An Aki jab can read the Fire when he is blessing you in fire ceremonies.

The local people of the Traditional medicine cooperative are raising the medicinal plants that have been used for centuries.

The temezcal (steam bath) is still used to balance the hot-cold in the body. A system used by the ancient maya back before Christ.


Pacual Abaj Shaman Ritual - photo by Gordon Kilgore

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