AFENJ-Asociación Fe y Esperanza de la Niñez y Juventud - Association Faith & Hope for the Children and Youth
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Maya Expeditions and Copper Canyon Adventures is proud to sponser AFENJ.

From 2005 to Present, AFENJ has moved to the town of San Lorenzo del Cubo. As Hermelindo Ichich and his wife Linda are no longer together, they have not been able to continue their efforts for Unidos de la Paz. As Linda is a single mother, we now focus on scholarships for their children Christian Jhonathan Ichich and Maria Victoria Ichich.

Who are we?
Association Faith of the Children and Youth (AFENJ) is a Guatemalan organization; that overlooks the development of children in Guatemala.    The organization was created February 21, 2004 and actually attends 35 children in their house; as for the moment we do not count with an office or a community center to attend the children. We are located in Asentamiento Unidos por la paz, Sector 4, Lote 125 "A", Zona 12 Villa Lobos I, Guatemala City. Asentamiento translates to a squatters shanty village, Unidos por la paz means Unity for peace.  

A world in which all boys and girls have their right of living, protection, development and participation assured, as the United Nations has established in the conduct of rights of the children.

Create positive and lasting change in the life of boys and girls of Guatemala, who live in conditions of poor resources.   

Guatemala Feburary 15, 2004 History:
It was established in 2004 in the squatters village - United for the Peace in sector 4, Lote 125 "A", zona Villa Lobos I, with the name of (SANA - Health) in order to help the children of the squatter's village, who were in extreme poverty so that the children and youth could have the opportunity to integrate into the society.    It is, also rescuing the youths in risk of falling into gangs and to look for opportunities in order to integrate them into healthy activities, as well as to look for economic resources in order to support them in their studies for a better future.  

On December 13, 2004, arrived the wonderful news that finally we would receive support from a large institution that work with youth and children in Guatemala.   We would be part of the Foundation for the Youth (FUNDA) which is an organization that Works together with Save the Children, an organization who works all over the world for the children.

In 2005 we obtained the name of The Association Faith and Hope of the Children and Youth (AFENJ).    We established the first project to help the children, thanks to Maya Expeditions, who has opened up their doors in order to work with the children that we have in our establishment, and to help look for international and national help in order to continue working with these children in the squatter's village, and to expand our organization to other departments nationally.  


AFENJ actually has only one central place in Unidos Por la Paz, zone 12, Villa Lobos I.   We work the hours of 8:00 to 17:00: Univos Por la Paz, sector 4, Lote 125 "A", zona 12, Villa Lobos I, Tel: +502-2424-9585

AFENJ works 3 programs to complete its mission

1. EDUCATION: supporting the children with school supplies or uniforms, supporting the infrastructure of schools or communities, development of self-esteem.

2. FAMILY HELP: Supporting the families in case of emergencies; others, to help better their quality of houses with articles and/or materials.

3. DEVELOPING VALUES: We support diverse groups of youth, developing the basic respect for human life and values, mutual support, sports, and the value of art and culture.     The children receive 2 gifts per year to benefit directly and in order to benefit the children in the following way: Birthday, Christmas, and on the International Day for children, 1 of Oct.

Our goal is to support the children and youth in the marginal colonies and to interchange with other marginal area of poverty and extreme poverty, educated and independent for a better quality of life.



Unidos por la Paz, Street with sewer on side. Guatemala - Maya Expeditions


AFENJ - Association to Help Children

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