The Maya Expeditions staff has many years of experience leading expeditions on remote whitewater rivers throughout the world. All are highly experienced, qualified, U.S. trained professional boaters, as well as seasoned travellers and adventurers with experience throughout Mexico, Central America and South America. Their particular knowledge of the flora, fauna, languages and lore of the region qualify them to lead these expeditions with the shared commitment of providing a highly enjoyable, educational, and above all, safe experience. All our guides are certified in Emergency First Aid, CPR, and Advanced River Rescue. Maya Expeditions also utilizes Guatemalan accredited guides to show you the wonders of their country and the sites visited.
Maya Expeditions uses only top of the line equipment for its whitewater rafting and trekking expeditions. We provide adventure, taking you to the hidden wonders of Guatemala in a truly unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Ramiro Tejada- languages: English-Spanish
Letty Sancé- languages: English-Spanish
Elder Ortiz - languages: Spanish
Carlos Pinto - languages: Spanish-English

Archaeological trips:
Tammy Ridenour- languages: English-Spanish
Ken Johnson- languages: English-Spanish

Archaeologist Guides:
Molly Mignon- languages: English-Spanish
Dr. Geoffrey E. Braswell- languages: English-Spanish-Kaqchikel
Licda. Claudia Wooley- languages: English-Spanish-German
Lic. Tomás Barrientos Q - languages: English-Spanish
Ernesto Arredondo (Neco) - languages: English-Spanish

Birding Guides:
Paul Scharf languages: English

Photography Guides:
Al Argueta languages: English-Spanish

Traditional guides and eco-tourism guides:
Carlos Augusto Aldana Alarcón- languages: Spanish

Traditional Guides:
Evelina Comas- languages: English-Spanish-French-Italian
Mario Gigadent- languages: Spanish-German-Swiss-French-English
Sandra Molina- languages: English-Spanish

Adventure Guides:

Roberto Rodas (tour leader - river)

Ariel López (tour leader - river)

Erwin Aldana (tour leader - river)

Frank Fica (tour leader - river)

Manolo Rodas (tour leader - river)

Luis Furlán

Lisandro Gordillo

Axel Alburez

Max Baldetty (Batichico)

Javier Aldana

Mario Lanz

Sidney Shaw


Guide Training group shot -  Maya Expeditions !


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