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We believe and support low impact travel and ecotourism, working with locally based organizations and cooperatives.

Guatemala is the place to explore ecological sites. Here you can find the most beautiful natural sceneries in all of Latin America, including:

• Tropical Rain Forests
• White Water Rivers
• Rare Tropical Birds in their Natural Habitat
• Underground Rivers
• Water Falls
• and much more!

With all of this natural beauty, now Guatemala is a country with PEACE among its people. Visiting ecological sites, you can stay in Guatemala for over a month, and still won't be able to see more than a small percentage of its natural beauties. So what are you waiting for? Come to explore, don't waste any more time! We will be more than glad to arrange visits to places you never dreamt of.  And if you would like to help us help Guatemalans preserve their unique habitats, let us know!

Maya Expeditions has cooperated and continues to participated in various special projects, which we will be documenting in this website.


Flying Doctors of America - Pediatric Doctor - Chulac, Altaverapaz, Guatemala - Maya Expeditions


AFENJ - Association to Help Children

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